Agency to cargo ships

We are a traditional shipping agency, rendering service to cargo vessels in all Estonian ports.


At owners request we will give him ample information about situation in any port of Estonia in respect of possible call of his vessel and provide him with pro-forma disbursement.


In case of nomination ship’s agency for particular call of a named vessel we will:

  1. Confirm acceptance of nomination.
  2. Keep you, Master of your ship and all parties concerned informed of all details of the planned call.
  3. Help Master to dock the vessel and clear her inwards.
  4. Supervise the cargo or commercial operation in question.
  5. Help with all crew matters at your request, including crew change and repatriation.
  6. Help Master with any problem arising in a port.
  7. Prepare the cargo doc’s for sailing.
  8. Pay for you to every land rat at your request or according to local regulations and law.
  9. Assist the vessel's safe sailing.
  10. Send the final disbursement to payer.


Following ports of Estonia are normally covered by Inflot :

  1. Old City port – cruise, navy and ferry ships
  2. Muuga port   - tankers, bulkers, container and reefer vessels, conventional traders.
  3. Paljassaare port – small tankers, bulkers, reefer and short-sea traffic.
  4. Paldiski South –ro-ro, ferry, bulkers (scrap) and personal car carriers
  5. Paldiski North – personal car carriers, conventional and bulkers
  6. Saaremaa port – new Estonian cruise and ferry port
  7. Kunda port – cement, clinker, timber and pulpwood
  8. Sillamae – tankers, ferry and conventional short-sea traffic



Contact person: Andrew Syrodoyev


Direct phone: + 372 60 333 83 / 84

Mob. +372 5 062 057
Telex: 173273 INF EE; 173473 INF EE
Fax: + 372 60 333 81
General e-mail:;


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INFLOT AS 58 Tuukri str., Tallinn, 10120, Estonia. Ph. +372 6033380, fax +372 6033390