Transport projects

Inflot has a rich history of transport projects.

We started back to 1993 with cleaning up the Kunda Cement factory, shipping more the 30,000 tons of clinker in one shipment.

Those days both Kunda and Old City port looked different from what it is now. The factory was suffocating from surplus of clinker and could not work any more.They decided to sell most part of the stock ex-works and our job was to arrange moving the cargo by rail, shifting the stuff into a chartered barge and finally loading the mother-ship at anchor in the Tallinn bay.We have managed to do the job and cargo sailed to Haina river.

Next challenge was to arrange for transit of frozen chicken legs (Legs of Mr. President Bush - popular Russian name for it) from USA to Russia. We have managed to arrange smooth distribution to Moscow and other places in the FSU (former Soviet Union) of hundreds thousands tons CLQ coming in huge reefer ships to Tallinn. The cargo was loaded into reefer railwagons and trucks for delivery to final destination by lots of hundreds tons a day! The whole transport system worked exellent, but unfortunately it was ruined by the famos default in 1998.   

Later there was also a project of distribution of malt from Rhine in Germany to Sankt-Petersburg in Russia and Kazakhstan.

Our next project was of Russian origin. We have cooperated with a producer of timber poles from Volgograd. The Krasnoarmeisky timber plant used to produce poles for power and telegraph lines for the Arab market. We bought the timber Ex-Works and sold it CIF landed Hodeidah, Jeddah etc.

....and many, many more

We are eager to try again and again.
Just ask us.

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