Warehousing and stevedoring

Warehousing and stevedoring is provided by MTT OÜ a daughter company of Inflot AS.


This company was established in Muuga port in 1994 and our terminal in Muuga port was commissioned in 1995.


We render services in following transport logistics: warehousing, consolidation of cargoes, road and railway transportation.


We specialize in transit to Russia and other post-Soviet countries of mainly dry cargoes as well as in export to Western countries by sea and road.


We are a professional team with deep knowledge of Russian and EC transport system and market. This is the result of many years of experience.


Our partners are solid transport companies, both East and West, which allows us to offer our client the best logistic decision for best price.


Our clientele are Russian and Western companies of mainly small and medium size, to match our own status. Please try us and be happy with our service!

INFLOT AS 58 Tuukri str., Tallinn, 10120, Estonia. Ph. +372 6033380, fax +372 6033390