Our background.

The company is heir to Inflot Marine Agency, Tallinn. While in Soviet Union, Inflot was agent to all foreign ships calling Estonian ports.

During the first years after gaining independence our company suffered from heavy loss of trained personnel to the newly emerged free market. Former collegues suddenly became competitors.Thus, the first private agency in post-soviet Estonia was established by acting CEO of Inflot and his deputy. Moreover, the boss and general partner of the newly established "national" company worked for Inflot for more then 6 months after establishing his private company. He never hesitated to promote his "competing" company as more potent and recomended for serious owners.

But we have survived unlike most Inflot agencies in other post-Soviet countries. Moreover, we have developed new trends in business, expanding activity to forwarding, chartering, real estate etc. We helped many domestic producers and traders to integrate into the international community. Nobody in this country could match us in delivering cargoes to most exotic countries in the world.

Following are the names of persons responsible for establishing this company in 1991:

1. Capt. Toivo Ninnas, Chief of Estonian Shipping Company
2. Mr. Klaus Jurgen Behrens, CEO of Transnautic GMBH
3. Mr. Vitaly Zbaraschenko, ex-deputy Merchant Marine Ministry of Soviet Union
4. Capt. Vladimir Hill, Master MV "Vera Lebedeva", Estonian Shipping Co.

INFLOT AS 58 Tuukri str., Tallinn, 10120, Estonia. Ph. +372 6033380, fax +372 6033390