Main events.


Inflot AS.

Facts of history. 


1969                        Maritime Agency Inflot – Tallinn, established in the framework of Estonian Shipping Company (ESCo) to serve international shipping.

1984                                Inflot office established in Muuga port.

1990                                Estonia becoming independent, breaking away from Soviet Union,

Rival companies launching fierce competition.

1991                                Inflot AS established as joint-venture by Estonian Shipping Co. and Transnautic GMBH, Sovfracht subsidiary in Germany. Start of forwarding  activity.

1992                                MV Sea Harmony loaded at outer roads with help of chartered river craft with clinker of Kunda Cement, enabling the factory to start normal work.

1993                                Active work in all major ports of Estonia, handling coal, fertilizers, export Lada cars etc.

1994                                Record handling of 1 million tons of Kingissep Fertilizers in very demanding environment of ruined post-socialist economy.

1995                                Privatization. ESCo sold it’s shares from auction to private holding company.

Own office built in Muuga port along with a warehouse complex at 5, Vilja Street.

1996                                Start of the transit of frozen chicken to Russia. Oil tanker agency project.

1997                                Record handling of 100,000 tons of US chicken leg quarters. Inauguration of own office at Tuukri 58.

1998                                Russian crisis. End of the frozen food transit to Russia.

1999                                Purchase of cold storage in Paljassaare.

2000                                Launch of Morningstarprovisions project to Central Asia. Transfer of Transnautic shares to Sovfracht Holding.

2001                                Successful development of the Asian transit of frozen foods.

2002                                MV Seven Sea grounding in Muuga Bay and salvage. Termination of frozen food transit business.

2003                                Development of container transit business in cooperation with TIS.

2007    Extending railway connection in our Muuga site to fit up to 21 vagons 


INFLOT AS 58 Tuukri str., Tallinn, 10120, Estonia. Ph. +372 6033380, fax +372 6033390